The Best Way For College Students To Take Notes In Class

Your notes are among the tools at your disposal. Perhaps you were rather adept at taking notes in high school and now need to polish them up a bit. Maybe you, as I did in school, have realized you’ve never learned how and when to take notes properly.

The best ways to take notes in college

The Outline Is Structured

This is for individuals who appreciate simplicity. It’s one of the simplest methods of taking notes and comes rather naturally to most individuals.

Begin your outline notes by identifying four or five essential points that’ll be discussed during your lecture. After those points, write a few more in-depth sub-points concerning each issue covered by the professor.

The Mind Map in Detail

A mind map is an effective tool for taking notes on specific themes. Chemistry, history, and philosophy are perfect examples of subjects with overlapping topics or complicated, abstract concepts that lend themselves to this strategy. Utilize the mind map to understand the relationships between several issues better or to go further into one particular image.

For example, if you hear a lecture on the Fall of the Empire, begin with the central notion and then draw “nodes” representing each factor that contributed to Rome’s demise as your professor recounts them. Things like debt, reckless emperors, and barbarian tribe attacks, to name a few.

Simple: Scribbling on Slides

This is note-taking in a computer, and there is nothing erroneous about that! It’s quite adequate, and it’s simple.

If your lecturer has been gracious enough to supply you with slides used in their lectures, feel free to download the documents and print these out in the computer lab. The slides provide an overview of the outlining process. The professor has already completed the assignment for you! All you need to do is write things down and elaborate on key themes introduced in the presentations.

Bullet Journaling in Pictures

If you’re highly aesthetic, enjoy doodling, or are a visual person, this method may be perfect for you.

You may transform a blank sheet of paper into a lovely picture of your mental process by writing in your zipper journal. Consider combining it with elements of other points of clarification styles.

You can designate one page to mind maps, another one to flow notes, and even include a class schedule or sketch of Sonic the Hedgehog somewhere. It is, after all, your bullet journal. I’m not sure; do whatever you want! It is, after all, your journal!



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